Mind / Body Connection

Researchers have found that there is a mind/body connection and that poor emotional health can result in our bodies' immune system being weakened and making us more prone to infections. You will find here information, articles and books to help you on your journey of improving your emotional wellbeing and health.


The Benefits of Reiki

Over recent years there has been significant research carried out which has indicated that stress can trigger many health conditions and can also be a contributory factor in prolonging or worsening these conditions or ailments. In response to this, the potential benefits of undergoing holistic therapies and treatments to help combat and relieve stress have become highly acknowledged. One particular technique is the Japanese art of Reiki.

As one of the more widely acknowledged forms of energy healing, Reiki is said to activate the body's natural ability to heal itself. The treatment is geared towards balancing the body by relieving physical, spiritual, and emotional blockages. Reiki works by aligning the relationship between the body, mind, and spirit by the means of energy transferral, and is a completely natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement. It is often used alongside other medical techniques in order to relieve side effects and encourage recovery.

Reiki works by the practitioner placing his or her hands gently over the person to be healed to enable and activate the transferral of energy. The practitioner will then be able to assess how much or how little energy the patient requires. Throughout the treatment, they will focus more intensely on the area which is causing the patient pain or distress. This energy then flows throughout the affected parts of the body and energy field and balances them with positive energy thus encouraging the patient to release stress and anxiety and also allow the body to harmonise. Reiki ultimately aims to clear, re-balance and heal the energy pathways.

There are many doctors and medical practices that support Reiki treatments and some encourage the use of it in conjunction with conventional medical treatments. It can also be extremely effective when used without conventional treatments, particularly where stress may be the root cause of the condition. Those seeking the therapy must have an open mind however and be prepared to make an active commitment to improve their lifestyle habits in order for the treatment to be as effective as possible. This includes diet, exercise and general lifestyle quality factors. Response to Reiki varies according to each person; some may attune to the treatment quicker than others. Overall, the benefits are potentially most likely to become apparent after a series of sessions. The length of time and number of sessions needed is extremely variable and depends, among other factors, on the extent of injury or condition, along with the body's defence mechanisms.

Reiki can be an easily learned, simple to use and an extremely beneficial alternative treatment for everybody regardless of gender or age. It can also have significant benefits in treating cases of depression in addition to physical related illnesses. Our minds are extremely powerful and Reiki can encourage and train people to absorb energy in a positive manner in order to increase health, happiness and well being. At Megavista, we can help save you significant research time and effort by presenting the very best information available on the benefits of Reiki.

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