Mind / Body Connection

Researchers have found that there is a mind/body connection and that poor emotional health can result in our bodies' immune system being weakened and making us more prone to infections. You will find here information, articles and books to help you on your journey of improving your emotional wellbeing and health.

Mind / Body Connection

Audio products - We bring to you audio programs from Anthony Robbins, Dr Arnd Stein, Ed Foreman and many more. Inspire yourself!

Acupuncture - We answer questions on Acupuncture and offer you the opportunity to search for Acupuncturists in your area.

Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy is an alternative health methodology founded on a more holistic approach to coping with health problems and complaints.

Deepak Chopra - Nationally recognized in the holistic health field for popularizing Ayurveda, India's ancient system of natural healing and one of the fastest forms of alternative treatment in America.

Dominic O'Brien - World Memory Champion wants you to develop a memory so powerful, you're like a human computer! Learn to remember names, faces, numbers, birthdays, dates or any sequence of numbers you want.

Feng Shui - We are deeply connected with the space we live in and it is important for our wellbeing to live in a balanced environment.

Meditation - Heal your mind and body with Meditation. We have information, articles, books and DVD's.

Nutrition & Spirituality - Read this interesting article by James Redfield, the author of The Celestine Prophecy, The 10th InSight and The Secrets of Shambala.

The Sedona Method - Your key to lasting happiness, success, peace and emotional wellbeing.

Spiritual Cinema Circle - bringing you positive and uplifting images that will warm your heart and relax your body and mind.

Unstoppable Confidence - Unstoppable confidence is the unshakable belief in yourself and what you are capable of. What separates the people who achieve their dreams and the people who languish is confidence.

Yoga - Yoga offers the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. We have sourced information, articles, books and links on this ever increasing.

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