Mind / Body Connection

Researchers have found that there is a mind/body connection and that poor emotional health can result in our bodies' immune system being weakened and making us more prone to infections. You will find here information, articles and books to help you on your journey of improving your emotional wellbeing and health.

The Sedona Method

Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success & Peace!

The Sedona Method is the fastest, easiest, most powerful self-improvement technique available in the world today.


  • Release your anxieties and fears
  • Eliminate your stress at its source
  • Tap the source of unlimited energy

We are all either our own worst enemy or our own best friend. We are constantly sabotaging our health, happiness and success unintentionally due to our unresolved thinking, beliefs and attitudes. Yet even when we know a thought, belief or attitude is not serving us, most of us find it very difficult to change it or let it go. The reason for this problem is very simple: our emotions colour, create, and lock these limitations in place, making the limitations supposedly “real.” It is our emotions that either put us into action or prevent us from acting.

Join the hundreds of thousands of people just like you who have radically changed their lives for the better with The Sedona Method.

  • Enjoy deep feelings of inner peace
  • More radiant health and physical well-being
  • Freedom from depression


Learn to access your natural ability to release any unwanted thought or feeling. This will allow you effortlessly manage stress in your life, moment to moment. You will feel a greater sense of relaxation, confidence, wellness and vitality. You will also find that you are able to leave behind nasty habits such as smoking, over-eating, and other addictions that may now be used for temporary relief from stress.

The Sedona Method is a simple set of techniques anyone can learn and use, moment to moment throughout the day without anyone knowing. The Sedona Method has been used by thousands world-wide,endorsed by some of the biggest names in the personal development industry and proven more effective by Harvard University studies than other forms of stress reduction techniques.

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The Sedona Method
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