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Contraction Training

The Scientifically Proven Method for Building Muscle Mass in Minimum Time.

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The breakthrough new fitness program for readers who want big gains in little time "I had one little mini workout. I couldn't believe how short the workout was, and how good I felt afterward...This technique is going to change your life." - Tony Robbins, author of "Awaken the Giant Within".

Bodybuilding pioneer John Little smashes through conventional training approaches with his revolutionary workout program supported by science and based on 15 years of empirical research. "The Max Contraction Training" program maximizes muscle fiber stimulation in the shortest amount of time - leading to faster workouts and more impressive gains.

The little reveals are: groundbreaking techniques that maximize muscle fiber stimulation four times more efficient than conventional training; ideal exercise structuring in a workout routine; optimal time frames to train muscles for maximum growth; and false information put out by supplement companies.

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Advanced Max Contraction Training by John Little.

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Little's books have sold more than 600,000 copies and are published in several languages. This is the first book to reveal the Glycogen Theory, scientifically proven to increase muscle size beyond normal levels. It convincingly debunks popular low-carbohydrate diets. It is packed with tips and secrets used by bodybuilding legends such as Mike Mentzer and Arnold Schwarzenegger to stay motivated and achieve optimal muscle growth.

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Static Contraction Training by Peter Sisco.

"This is truly an incredible discovery that could cause physiology books to be rewritten." Ironman Magazine "A thorough, productive weight workout in less than three minutes? You better believe it! Larger muscles. Stronger techniques. Fewer injuries. What more do you want?" Martial Arts Training Magazine From bodybuilding and fitness pioneers Peter Sisco and John R. Little comes this revolutionary guide to building maximum muscle size and strength using workouts that last as little as two minutes!

Based on the authors' groundbreaking new research, Static Contraction Training reveals how a program consisting of only six 15- to 30-second exercises per workout will build muscle size and strength more efficiently than any other method. Learn firsthand the concepts that are revolutionizing bodybuilding, including: -Why training more than once a week or longer than five minutes can compromise your progress -How to stimulate maximum muscle mass -Nutritional fact vs. fiction -Gaining muscle without fat -Your weak link and how to overcome it in your next workout -The "law" that guarantees you huge muscle growth.

Whether you are a weekend athlete, beginning bodybuilder, or champion, the information in this book will forever change the way you view bodybuilding and strength training exercise. Peter Sisco is editor of Ironman Magazine's Ultimate Bodybuilding series and co-author of Power Factor Training and The Golfer's Two-Minute Workout. John R. Little, the innovator of the Static Contraction Method of strength training, is the editor of the Bruce Lee Library Series and co-author of Power Factor Training and The Golfer's Two-Minute Workout.

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The Vince Graham 7 Minute a Day Miracle Body Sculpting Programme

Solidly reasoned, highly effective, 20 Jul 2006

Forget the hours in the gym. Forget repetions - 50 of this, 20 of that. When this guy says "7 minutes a day" then that's exactly what he means. And no special equipment needed.

This is not about "Body Building" as we commonly view it - all bulging and rippling and out of proportion. Vince's program is about "definition", "sculpting", "shaping", into what we all recognise as "fit", "proportionate development". Vince aims precisely at the muscles that create "definition" of the human body. In each daily 7 minute session he works each of those muscles to "destruction and rebuild". Make no mistake - you will "work out". It is hard - very hard. If you pause to rest you pause your timer, you don't continue timing until you continue working. It's intense, and absolutely effective.

He explains, in detail, the reason why gyms and repetitions fail for most people. It's because the muscles are targetted in "groups". Unfortunately, each group has "strong" muscles and "weak" ones. Your normal gym/repetion session stops when the weak ones cannot continue. The strong ones, however, have barely warmed up.

The first few minutes of the Vince program aim directly at the "strong" muscles, pushing them to exhaustion, before changing the pattern of the exercise and aiming at the group as a whole. This way every group member, weak and strong, gets hit by the end of the 7 minutes.

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