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Detoxifying the body has become an apparent key preventative measure for all kinds of health problems. Since most of us are busy and unable or unwilling to maintain a strict diet in order to completely eliminate all the toxins from our body, we have chemicals building up in our bodies day after day. Since these chemicals are not harmful in small amounts, only in larger accumulated amounts, we don't notice side effects until we are much older. A proper, even if occasional, detox diet is necessary to relieve our bodies of harmful toxins and chemicals and maintain a healthy, normal, and long-lived life.

The main idea of a detox diet is to eliminate nearly all foods and restrict the body to only water and vegetables for a few days; usually around 5 or 6 days is adequate. Most detox diets then allow for a gradual re-introduction of other foods. The diets generally restrict foods from your diet that are said to have harmful toxins. Along with this, a detox diet should then flush the existing toxins out of the body. A detox diet essentially gives the liver and other organs a chance to catch up and remove all the toxins. This is done through our sweat, faeces and urine.

Our bodies simply cannot cope with the normal day to day ingestion of chemicals. Most these chemicals come from foods, as mentioned before, but also have a wide variety of other sources. Although we do not know which foods are the cause of it all, we do know that pesticides, heavy metals, such as mercury and lead, and the chemicals in cigarettes and the air we breath, all enter our bodies via our lungs or stomach and can cause an excessive build up. These chemicals in small amounts are harmless; it’s the day after day ingestion and build up of them which can lead to degenerative diseases.

One common detox diet is the combination of nothing but fruits and water for a given period. The promotion of chemicals being metabolized by our bodies can be helped with certain vitamins, herbs and supplements. Some supplements will help the mobilization of toxins in our fat and other toxin deposits located throughout the body. Since our bodies rid themselves of chemicals through sweat, sauna therapies can also provide a great benefit. There are many other diets and detox therapies, these are just a few common methods. Regular body detoxification is a good preventative action and promotes a healthier present and future!

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