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pH Balance is one of the fastest growing health concepts in the world today. A quick and positive improvement has been observed in the health of patients when a shift from acidity to alkalinity has taken place in the body.

pH Miracle

Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health

The statistics are grim. Half of us will die of heart disease or diabetes. A third will die of cancer. Take a look around. Most of us are obese, fatigued or prematurely aging. No matter what newfangled diet we try or trendy exercise regime we torture ourselves with, nothing seems to help.

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What is a pH Miracle?
What is the theory of the pH Miracle?
How important is it to maintain the pH of the fluids of the body?
How do you measure the pH of the blood, urine or saliva?
What foods affect the pH in a positive way?
What foods affect the pH in a negative way?
How does exercise and what kind of exercises help to maintain the pH?

What is a pH Miracle?
A pH Miracle is the truly remarkable transformation one can experience by following my simple program. As we've seen time and time again, someone in the poorest of health-chronically sick or suffering from disease, fatigued and often plagued by weight issues-can actually reverse his or her symptoms and achieve vibrant health by following my alkaline lifestyle and diet program.

What is the theory of the pH Miracle?
Illness, fatigue, weight issues and generally poor health are caused by one thing--an imbalance in the body's ph levels. Without the proper foods, fluids and lifestyle, our blood and tissues can become too acidic and we become sick. However, we can overcome even some of the most dramatic health issues simply by alkalizing (or adjusting) the pH level of the fluids in our bodies through proper diet and lifestyle.

How important is it to maintain the pH of the fluids of the body?
Everyone knows the number 98.6. To be healthy, our body must maintain that temperature. Well, 7.365 is just as magic a number. It's the delicate number that measures the delicate pH balance of the fluids in the body. If that number goes up or down, we start to feel lousy. Anyone who's ever taken care of pet fish knows that the pH level of a salt water aquarium is of utmost importance for the fish. If the water becomes acidic the fish dies because it's only as healthy as the water in which it swims. While we humans won't go belly up right way if our ph balance swings up or down, our health can still suffer immensely by our gaining weight, developing diabetes, heart disease, etc.

How do you measure the pH of the blood, urine or saliva?
Your doctor can send your blood to a lab to check its pH levels, but it's also possible to use pH Hydrion paper to measure your levels through your urine. You can find pH papers at your local pharmacy.

What foods affect the pH in a positive way?
All green vegetables and fruits like broccoli, spinach, avocado, cucumber, celery, leafy greens, sea salt, etc.

What foods affect the pH in a negative way?
Meats such as beef, chicken and pork; dairy foods; fermented foods such as vinegar; grains and fruits that are high in sugar.

How does exercise and what kind of exercises help to maintain the pH?
Exercise helps to remove toxins from the body. When you exercise the process of sweating actually flushes acids out of the tissues by way of the lymphatic system, then through the circulatory system and then eventually through the urinary tract system. When you move metabolic or digestive acids out of the body you are helping the body maintain its fluids' delicate pH balance. In the book, I outline a simple workout using a rebounder and I also talk about the importance of stretching.

The pH Miracle Review



Noted microbiologist and nutritionist Robert O. Young, Ph.D., and his wife Shelley Redford Young have come up with a revolutionary diet program that could radically change our lives.

Based on the concept that the pH levels in our blood and tissues significantly affect our health, the Youngs' exhaustively researched plan will help readers achieve the proper balance for optimal health.

The body, like the universe, operates by keeping opposites in balance. When imbalance occurs, we get signs of disease: low energy, poor digestion, excess weight, aches and pains.

In THE pH MIRACLE the Youngs demonstrate how the pH balance in our blood and tissues—the balance of acid and alkaline—affects our health, and how to keep it at the proper levels. Along the way, readers will be told which foods to eat, which can be combined safely, which to avoid entirely, and which supplements can help. Other topics include:


  • How to counteract the current "plague of microforms"—yeasts, fungus, molds, as well as bacteria and viruses—that wreaks such havoc on our systems
  • The common problems of over-acidity, from allergies to mood disorders to impotence
  • A helpful "tour" of the digestive system—and how to keep it in good working order
  • The truth about calcium, i.e., we don't need dairy to get the amount we need
  • How to turn nasty tap water into a healthy alternative, plus the joys of juice and the authors' famous "green drink"
  • How to stay motivated while on the program, with an emphasis on staying informed


After running readers through the process of transitioning into the pH miracle diet, the authors then provide more than 150 delicious recipes for everything from rice and beans and vegetable curry to camper bread and mock pumpkin pie.


When originally self-published, the Youngs' diet plan sold more than 45,000 copies without any advertising and limited distribution. These readers saw immediate improvements, including increased energy, sharper mental clarity and enhanced athletic performance. With THE pH MIRACLE readers everywhere can now significantly increase not just the quality but also the longevity of their lives.



Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc., is a nationally renowned microbiologist and nutritionist who speaks to audiences around the world on health and wellness. He is head of the InnerLight Biological research Centre, and a member of the American Society of Microbiologists and the American Naturopathic Association.

Shelley Redford Young is a licensed massage therapist and the chef behind the recipes in THE pH MIRACLE.

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5 out of 5 starsLife changing, September 13, 2005
I read this book after hearing Anthony Robbins praising the alkaline diet. I read it right through, then started on the plan. Within 6 weeks I had lost the stone that I had been gradually putting on since I was 18, without even trying, felt more energetic than ever, and my skin looked fantastic. I didn't have any major health problems before, but now feel confident I am in the best condition I have been for years.
I did find the green drink he recommended hard to get hold of in the UK, but then found it at
I highly recommend this book.

5 out of 5 starsExcellent Book!, August 4, 2005
This book shows us how we are responsible for our health with our diet and our lifestyle. It shows us the changes that we can make and the results that we should expect. It is clear and easy to read, telling us the effects of things we have been doing in the past. It is full of references to people who have already made the changes and got the benefits. Unfortunately it is not always easy to gain full control over our lifestyle as we are being bombarded by toxicity as clearly shown by Dr. Sherry Rogers in her book "Detoxify or Die". Fortunately, whilst her approach is from a different angle, and therefore useful for those wishing to improve their health levels, it is fully in accord with Dr. Robert Youngs approach and is therefore yet another endorsement of this book.
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