Stress Reduction

Did you know that 90% of doctor visits are for stress related symptoms? You will find here, articles and books to help you on your journey of reducing stress and improving your emotional wellbeing and health.

Stress Reduction

Audio products - We bring to you a range of audio programs designed to relax, inspire and reduce stress.

Clutter-free Forever - Clutter adds to your stress, slows you down and drains your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength. Learn how to de-clutter and de-stress.

Emotional Freedom Techniques - Clinically proven in thousands of cases to reduce stress and anxiety - with no drugs or equipment involved. Find out more.

Feng Shui - We are deeply connected with the space we live in and it is important for our wellbeing to live in a balanced environment. Find out how Feng Shui could reduce your stress levels.

Meditation - In today's fast-paced world, the use of meditation to relieve stress is very useful. In fact, as the practice of meditation gains in popularity, an increasing number of people from the jet-setting executive to the busy housewife are incorporating the exercise into their lives.

Nordic Walking - This increasingly popular form of exercise could help you reduce your stress levels - Find out more.

Spiritual Cinema Circle - Bringing you positive and uplifting images that will warm your heart and relax your body and mind.

Tai Chi - A person practicing Tai Chi moves their body slowly and gently, while breathing deeply and meditating. Tai Chi is fantastic for de-stressing. Find out more.

The Sedona Method - Your key to lasting happiness, success, peace and emotional wellbeing. Eliminate your stress at its source.

The Silva Method- Take a quantum leap toward leading a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life. Activate deep states of accelerated mental activity, intuition, learning, memory, ESP, tranquility, rest, and relaxation.

Yoga - A comfortable and enjoyable exercise which is known to reduce stress and anxiety.

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