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EFT World Summit

If you’ve experienced EFT (emotional freedom techniques) for yourself, you will know that it works dramatically. Those of you who have used it for years, know it’s power to change your lives and the lives of those you care about.

Our friends over at 'Try It On Everything' have created a very exciting event that we believe is the first of it’s kind. The best thing about this event is that it’s FREE and you can experience the entire event from the comfort of your own home!Read more

Superfoods for the Brain

Your brain performs more tasks than all of your other organs put together. To do this it requires vast amounts of energy and nutrients making it the greediest organ in the body. It is important that the right foods are eaten so that your brain can perform at its optimal level. As you age in years, both your body and your brain grow old as well. Preventative action now can help preserve your mind for longer and improve brain and memory support. Here are some of the super brain foods for keeping your brain in tip-top shape:Read more

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