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VIDEO: Health Ranger demands FBI stop lying to America about the Las Vegas shooting

(Natural News) The FBI is clearly lying about the Las Vegas shooting, which is why Americans don’t trust the FBI and increasingly believe the agency is likely involved in a massive criminal cover-up.Read more

Assaults on mental health staff up 25% in four years

Workers describe a "powder keg" as a result of staffing shortages and service cuts.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton drops BOMBSHELL, echoes the Health Ranger: "I don't trust the FBI"

(Natural News) Following my publication of a popular article that asks whether we can trust the FBI in this Las Vegas shooting investigation, the president of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, has now concluded exactly the same thing: “I dRead more

Venezuelan doctors and teachers are becoming prostitutes to earn enough money to buy food ... socialism on parade

(Natural News) By all rights, Venezuela should be a wealthy country, its people living in relative comfort, with an economically secure future.Read more

Marijuana legalization is driving up fast food sales as tokers get the munchies

(Natural News) The benefits of the legalization of marijuana extend beyond the cannabis industry and the lives of the people who use it.Read more