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Do you know HOW to change your diet? Nutritional coaching found to be effective at helping type-2 diabetes patients improve dietary habits

(Natural News) Following an online nutritional coaching intervention may help improve dietary habits and blood glucose control in patients with type-2 diabetes and abdominal obesity, recent research shows. French scientists examinedRead more

Americans will welcome ET visitation, says psychologist

(Natural News) How would humanity react to the news that alien life does indeed exist? That’s what the members of the Arizona State University Interplanetary Initiative set to find out.Read more

Childhood cancer survivors have more blood pressure problems

(Reuters Health) - More than one in 12 adult survivors of childhood cancers may have undiagnosed high blood pressure, a U.S.Read more

One more reason to detox: Chemicals from cured meats build up in the system and worsen asthma symptoms

(Natural News) If you weren’t already steering clear of cured meat because of its health risks, a study published in the journal Thorax might give you the push you needed to ditch this unhealthy food for good.Read more

How do you win gold medals for women's weightlifting? Be born as a biological man, then call yourself a woman... instant gold

(Natural News) Thanks to the abject lunacy of the Alt-Left, Western culture is dying a slow death, rotting from within as traditional behaviors and stereotypical male-female roles, interactions and sexuality are distorteRead more

House moves one step closer to universal recognition of the Second Amendment with approval of nationwide concealed carry

(Natural News) The Second Amendment, which supposedly ‘guarantees’ Americans an unfettered “right to keep and bear arms” anywhere in the country, is by far the most restricted of all constitutional rights.Read more

From a legal perspective, Mueller’s investigation is dead. Here’s why...

(Natural News) Like a headless turkey running around in circles, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s anti-Trump investigation is dead, even if he does not yet realize it.Read more