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Fathers may pass ovarian cancer risk to daughters

Many cases of seemingly sporadic ovarian cancer might actually be inherited from paternal genes.

Probe provides rapid lung investigation

Scientists develop technology that goes inside the lung to make fast diagnoses of infection.

Scientists have developed a lung probe that finds infections

The probe provides access deep inside a patient’s lung, which means doctors will be able to diagnose lung conditions much quicker and more accurately.

Transgender woman breastfeeds baby in first recorded case, study says

She was able to produce enough milk to be the baby's only food source for the first six weeks, a study says.

Taking control

Sofie Hartley, who's 27, wants to have a hysterectomy so that she can take back control of her body.

Organ donations rising across the UK

An online consultation into a possible opt-out scheme in England has received more than 11,000 replies.

Life expectancy gap between rich and poor widens

Boys born in the richest areas are likely to outlive those born in the poorest by 8.4 years, a study says.

Ultra-processed foods 'linked to cancer'

French researchers studied effects of highly-processed foods, such as cakes, bread and chicken nuggets.

Lena Dunham undergoes hysterectomy after chronic pain

The Girls star reveals the pain of endometriosis led her to have surgery to remove her womb.

Is loneliness affecting your health?

BBC Radio 4 wants you to take part in an experiment on the extent and effects of loneliness