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Knee surgery outcomes linked with education level

(Reuters Health) - Patients who live in low-income communities and lack a college education may have worse pain after knee replacement surgery than their more educated neighbors, a recent study suggests.

VA hospitals now hiring FELONS as doctors

(Natural News) When you go to the doctor’s, you’re taking a gamble. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to end up seeing someone with a gentle bedside manner who offers you unbiased advice that is legitimately helpful.Read more

Disease has an inverse relationship with nutrition: Eat more fruits and vegetables to reduce risk of nearly all disease, research finds

(Natural News) A team of scientists from Imperial College London pulled together all the world’s available population studies that document fruit and vegetable intake.Read more

EATING THEIR OWN: University administrator slams LGBTQ center for being "too white"

(Natural News) The Assistant Director of “LGBTQIA Programs & Services” at the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC), Jonathan T.Read more

Flynn investigation PROVES once and for all that the FBI has been transformed into a Soviet-style secret police force

(Natural News) If in fact former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn did lie to an FBI agent as he pleaded guilty to doing last week, then that’s on him: There was no reason for him to do so Read more

Why farm life is good for kids: Chores, fresh air, sunshine, and a wide range of microbes for a healthy immune system

(Natural News) Growing up on a farm can be a wonderful experience for children.Read more

San Francisco now the MURDER sanctuary city for America... illegals free to shoot American citizens with impunity

(Natural News) If you’re an illegal alien with a penchant for violent crime, San Francisco is the place you want to be.Read more

THIRD member of special counsel Mueller’s legal team investigating Trump found to be a political hack for Democrats

(Natural News) Months ago critics of special counsel Robert Mueller pointed out that as he was assembling his legal team while ramping up his probe of alleged “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia to “steal the election” from HillaRead more