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Third of men say work a factor in mental health problems

Andrew Ormerod explains how his unsustainable workload led to mental health problems.

'I chose surgery due to a lack of toilets'

Marni Smyth chose to have a suprapubic catheter fitted to help retain her independence.

Dr Derek Gatherer on catching and avoiding norovirus

Explaining how to stave off the norovirus, which is suspected of making some World Championships athletes ill.

Another U-turn?

The ex-prime minister, who has spoken about his battle to give up nicotine, is snapped with a cigarette at a festival.

Transgender puberty

How are the families we've been following for two years facing the future?

Contraceptive app

Elina Berglund Scherwitzl has created an app that offers women a "natural alternative" to the pill

Helen Mirren thinks moisturisers don't work - we ask an expert

Helen Mirren has been quoted - in colourful language - saying moisturiser does nothing. Is she right?

Ian Paterson: Victims react to increased sentence

Debbie Douglas tells the BBC, "I didn't think I'd be so emotional" as Ian Paterson is given 20 years in jail.

Do moisturisers work?

The actress says moisturisers probably don't work - but what do the experts say?

Game of Thrones star Kit Harington backs care pay campaign

Kit Harington wants the government to fund six years' back pay for overnight carers.