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Body clock scientists win Nobel Prize

Understanding how our bodies keep time has "vast implications" for health, say Nobel committee.

China says no risk of contamination from EU egg scare

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Agriculture ministry said on Thursday no eggs from Europe have been imported into the country, leaving no risk of contamination from a scare sweeping Europe about the use of a potentially harmful insecticide.

Novo Nordisk's diabetes drug succeeds in key trial

(Reuters) - Novo Nordisk A/S said on Wednesday its diabetes drug met the main goal of reducing glucose levels in patients in a key late-stage trial, setting the stage for it to become the new standard therapy for type 2 diabetes.

Mainstream media now attacking vegan documentary "What the Health" because it tells the truth about processed meat and disease

(Natural News) A new documentary called What the Health was critically panned by health experts and the mainstream media for its allegedly misleading claims on the harmful effects of animal food products and the purported benefits oRead more

If you have cracked lips and brittle nails, you may be severely deficient in this almost miraculous vitamin

(Natural News) There is another supervitamin that slips by even the most health-conscious of people, vitamin B complex.Read more