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Greens, legumes and unsaturated fats: How to reverse diabetes with food

(Natural News) In a Daily Mail article, Dr. Michael Greger explained that switching to a vegetarian diet can ease or even reverse the ill effects of diabetes.Read more

Low-tech transportation tools for the prepper: Do you have a wagon, wheelbarrow or yard cart?

(Natural News) When SHTF, do you have an efficient way of carrying your supplies? Have you considered getting a wagon or a yard cart as a form of manual transportation? Anything with wheels can help you carry things.Read more

AI may have cracked the code to the "world’s most mysterious book;" found in 1912, cryptographers have been trying to crack it for decades

(Natural News) The Voynich manuscript, long considered to be the most mysterious book on Earth, may have finally been cracked.Read more

Medical schools don’t offer doctor-recommended parental leave

(Reuters Health) - Physicians at some of the nation’s most elite medical schools don’t receive three months of paid parental leave that doctors recommend for the health of mothers and babies, a U.S.Read more

'Punished for a crime I hadn't committed'

Joanna is one of at least 9,000 non-smokers in the UK diagnosed with lung cancer every year.

Family history increases breast cancer risk even for older women

(Reuters Health) - Women are more likely to develop breast cancer when a mother or sister had this disease, and the risk associated with family history doesn’t appear to diminish with age, a U.S.Read more

Drug copies ready to take next bite out of Roche's cancer sales

LONDON (Reuters) - European oncologists will soon get their hands on cut-price copies of breast cancer drug Herceptin, turning the screws on maker Roche and giving another boost to a new breed of companies focused on so-called biosimilars.

Amerisource deal may not keep Walgreens competitive: analysts

(Reuters) - Walgreens' potential deal for drug distributor AmerisourceBergen will boost its cash flow and push it deeper into a lucrative specialty pharmacy market, but may fail to keep it competitive in an evolving U.S.Read more

Anger as reports into Tawel Fan ward scandal are delayed

Families react angrily to news two reports into serious failings at a mental health ward are to be delayed.

U.S. can sue UnitedHealth in $1 billion Medicare case, judge rules

(Reuters) - A federal judge has ruled the U.S.Read more