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Adderall: Deadly Drug Treats Bogus Disease

(NaturalNews) The drug Adderall is linked with heart attack and sudden death in children and young adults according to a newly released study at the New York Medical College of Family Medicine. This drug is commonly prescribed to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a phony disease that has been diagnosed in 15 percent of school-aged children. Although incidence of heart attack and sudden death is greater in children who take Adderall on a regular basis, it has also been associated with one-time users.Read more

Dispel the Myths: The Real Scoop on Saturated Fat

(NaturalNews) In the judicial system, it is required that any defendant must be considered innocent until proven guilty. In the world of nutrition, it seems the opposite philosophy reigns. Saturated fats have been vilified for decades. It has been declared that these fats are killing us, although adequate proof has never been shown. Studies which show that saturated fat causes cardiovascular problems rarely take into account the harm caused by factors such as smoking, stress and eating large amounts of refined carbohydrates.Read more

Daily dose of peanuts may ward off allergy in kids

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Some children may be freed of their peanut allergies if they eat a tiny crumb of peanut every day for weeks, U.S.Read more

U.S. program aims to help babies beat obesity odds

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Elena Nieves hardly looks like a poster girl for an obesity program for pregnant moms. Read more

Brown lukewarm on alcohol pricing

Plans to set minimum prices for alcohol are unveiled - but have not attracted government support.

Vegetarians 'get fewer cancers'

Vegetarians have a lower cancer rates, but surprisingly a higher rate of colorectal cancer, a large UK study suggests.

Short prescriptions criticised

Patients with thyroid disorders are being given just 28 days-worth of medication at a time, campaigners say.

Simulators key to doctor training

Doctors should spend more time training on simulators, England's chief medical officer says.

Cancer fears

Should be doing more to tackle night shift dangers?

Enough of the puff: tax may cut smoking rates

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A big hike in the federal tax on cigarettes taking effect on April 1 may prompt 1 million U.S.Read more