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Horse stem-cell technique to be tested in people

LONDON (Reuters) - A stem-cell repair technique that has already been used to fix hundreds of injured race horses is to be tested for the first time in people with damaged Achilles tendons. Read more

HIV may be increasing in virulence

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - From 1985 to 2007, the CD4+ cell counts seen at diagnosis in HIV-infected patients in the US have fallen, suggesting that the virus may be adapting to the host and becoming more virulent, according to a report in Clinical Infectious Diseases. Read more

Home comforts

How Wales is pushing ahead on home births

Why getting promoted at work may be bad for mental health

Getting promoted at work may be bad for a person's mental health, a study suggests.

Stem cells 'can treat diabetes'

An experimental stem cell treatment has enabled diabetes patients to go for as long as four years without insulin injections.

Doctors who make mistakes 'deserve sympathy'

Doctors who make mistakes 'deserve sympathy'

Some U.S. companies reforming healthcare in-house

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Companies impatient to rein in healthcare costs can go ahead on their own without waiting for federal legislation, Safeway Inc.Read more

No Dutch Courage, rules ad watchdog as it bans beer poster

A poster showing a nervous man alongside the slogan "Take Courage my friend" is banned for suggesting the beer boosts confidence.

Home births 'as safe as hospital'

A massive study of home births suggests that, in labours deemed low-risk, the risks to babies are no higher than if born in hospital with a midwife.