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Some cough medicine overdoses deliberate: report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Some children showing up in emergency rooms with overdoses of cough or cold syrup may have been intentionally medicated to keep them quiet, doctors cautioned on Thursday. Read more

Milestone dates 'boost screening'

People are more likely to show up for cancer screening checks close to birthdays or dates such as Christmas, research suggests.

Sandwiches 'caused fainting fits'

British doctors have released details of a woman who regularly fainted after eating sandwiches or fizzy drinks.

Warning over pregnancy steroids

Pregnant women at risk of delivering early should not be given too many doses of steroids, say researchers in Canada.

'Not in vain'

The lessons to be learnt from mentally ill man's death

Zimbabwe cholera spreads

The UN says Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic has spread further, as the ruling party gathers for its conference.

No need to wear a hat, and no problem eating late - medical myths debunked

That you can cure a hangover, lose most body heat through the head and will put on weight if eating late at night are among six myths rubbished by US researchers.

MRSA infections continue to fall

The number of MRSA cases in English hospitals has continued to fall, latest figures show.

Ambulance crews face record calls

Many ambulance services in England say they are struggling to deal with an unprecedented number of 999 calls.

Gentically Modified (GM) Food Leads To New Dis-ease

Just in case you thought it was fine to eat Genetically Modified (GM) foods (better identified as "FrankenFoods"), along comes a study which makes it clear that you are eating a make believe non-food at your own peril and, worse yet, you are feeding it to your kids at their peril as well.Read more