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Novartis gains U.S. approval for delayed MS drug

ZURICH (Reuters) - Novartis's Sandoz division has won U.S.Read more

Pakistan gang 'stole spinal fluid from women'

The gang obtained the fluid from more than 12 women, including a teen, to sell on the black market.

Non-smoker's lung cancer

BBC legal correspondent, Clive Coleman, says his sister's diagnosis came too late to save her.

New antibiotic family discovered in dirt

The compounds are called malacidins and can kill several stubborn infections, including superbug MRSA.

Cold open water plunge may provide instant pain relief

Doctors suggest a short, sharp cold water swim may offer an alternative to strong painkillers.

Orthorexia: My 'healthy food' eating disorder

Here's what extreme "clean-eating" did to one woman.

What makes us happy?

Scientists are researching how life's ups and downs affect our mental health.