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Standard procedure for heart attack found to be ineffective: Recent study finds oxygen therapy does NOT improve survival

(Natural News) Some of the common practices seen in modern medicine are not quite as effective as commonly believed, and oxygen therapy for heart attack patients could be one of them as newly presented research has shown that oRead more

Twitter just silenced PJ Media's terrorism editor in latest censorship scheme to eliminate non-liberal points of view

(Natural News) A veteran journalist from the popular independent media website PJMedia.com has had her personal Twitter account removed from the social media platform indefinitely, and there doesn’t appear to be any legitimate reasRead more

Federal Reserve vice chairman declares Bitcoin a serious risk to financial stability... crypto markets PLUNGE

(Natural News) The private central banking cartel is so worried about losing its grip on the financial instruments of the world that this mafia-like group of robber barons is now claiming that digital “cryptocurrencies” lRead more

Medical TYRANNY in paradise: Hawaii to go door to door, confiscating LEGAL firearms from all medical marijuana users

(Natural News) Over the past several years, liberals have constantly assured the American people that even though they support the idea of stricter gun laws, they are not out to take away anyone’s legally owned firearms.Read more

WAR in 2018? Top U.S. senator calls on Pentagon to stop sending families of military personnel to South Korea

(Natural News) Following North Korea’s recent test of an ICBM believed to be capable of striking all of the United States, a top U.S.Read more

Why some people can hear this silent gif

Why are some people able to hear this gif even though it is silent?