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Wombs for rent

Demand for surrogacy in Ukraine, one of Europe's poorest nations, is soaring. But what happens to the women involved?

Parkinson's sufferer ejected from Halfords 'for funny walk'

Chris Cartlidge says he was told to leave Halfords after his symptoms caused his leg to stiffen.

Josh Quigley cycled the world after surviving suicide

Josh Quigley rode over 10,000 miles to raise awareness of mental health issues after attempting to take his own life.

Transgender child: 'I think I'm a girl in a boy's body'

Kiera Puddefoot, 13, who is transgender, was previously known as Lucas.

Peter Rabbit film producers apologise over allergy scene

Sony Pictures "regrets" a scene in the film where bunnies pelt a character with blackberries.

NHS Scotland embarks on global radiologist search

Nine health boards are trying to attract radiologists to fill 32 vacancies across Scotland.

Schizophrenia patients calmed by video game

The patients learnt to use the technique in their daily lives to reduce the power of hallucinations.

Dorset schoolgirl 'lost confidence after fat letter'

A cricket-loving schoolgirl says she lost her passion for the sport after receiving the letter.