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NHS ranked 'number one' health system

But study of 11 nations raises concerns about quality of care in UK despite praising efficiency and affordability.

£3.4m Pencoed radiology and imaging academy plan unveiled

The National Imaging Academy for Wales, based in Bridgend, is expected to open by mid-2018.

Google slapped with $2.7B fine for rigging search results with monopolistic algorithms

(Natural News) For seven years, the European regulators have been investigating Google’s business practices and the company’s overarching dominance in searches and smartphones, reports The Guardian. Unlike the U.S.Read more

Why you shouldn't try to escape America to avoid the coming collapse (and subsequent chaos)

(Natural News) With the signs of economic collapse, political turmoil and social chaos becoming more apparent to almost everyone, many people are asking, “Should I leave my home country” and try tRead more

Remember the BP Deepwater Horizon oil catastrophe? The oil was eaten up by ocean microbes (because Mother Nature heals itself)

(Natural News) When the oil drilling rig, known as Deepwater Horizon, that was operating off the Gulf of Mexico around 40 miles from the Louisiana coast suddenly exploded and sank in April 2010, 11 people died and oil began tRead more

After being raped and impregnated, El Salvadorian 19-year-old sentenced to 30 years in prison for having an abortion

(Natural News) A court in El Salvador has recently sentenced a 19-year-old rape survivor to 30 years in prison after suffering a still birth due to pregnancy complications.Read more

Due to global human pollution, the arctic has become a toxic reservoir of heavy metals, PCBs and other deadly chemicals

(Natural News) Human-induced pollution has greatly affected the Greenland ice sheet and the whole Arctic region over the last few decades. Back in the late 1950s, the U.S.Read more

Police uncover wild gay orgy at the home of Pope Francis' key adviser's secretary

(Natural News) Shocking information is coming to light about a Vatican police raid that took place last month that is connected to key advisers of the Pope.Read more

Beat that traffic ticket with the help of the world's first robot lawyer

(Natural News) Beginning July 12, 2017, the first robot lawyer in the world will be providing free legal counsel across the entire United States.Read more

Secret tunnel system discovered beneath Pyramid of the Moon in Mexico

(Natural News) A secret tunnel may have been built under the Pyramid of the Moon, which is the second-largest pyramid in San Juan Teotihuacan in Mexico, after Pyramid of the Sun, archaeologists at the Teotihuacan ruins site said.Read more